Just call me Jiji

…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

Practically Perfect in Every Way! ….NOT

I am no Mary Poppins, I am flawed in many ways. I am spoiled by my husband, I am whiney when I don’t feel well, I curse when angry (that’s where the adult content comes in), I am a horrible speller, I talk too much, I can’t remember a thing, I am a terrible housekeeper, I am obsessive, and impulsive! I don’t always make the popular choice (not that that would matter much because I constantly change my mind), I am indecisive, I am stubborn.
….I am human, therefore flawed.

I have some good characteristics though too. I live and breathe for my family. My husband and son are my life. I am a terrific mother… really I am! Of that I am sure. I am proud of that fact. They say that in life you should do what you love and you will do it well. I love my son, I love being his mother, I love giving him all I have to give, I am a stay-at-home mom, that’s my life, my passion, and my #1 job. And I do my job well. I also enjoy being my husband’s wife although I am certainly flawed in that dept. as well. My husband is a much better husband than I am a wife. Although he does not so much as agree with me as he thinks I can be a “bitch” sometimes.
I suffer from FMS (Fibromyalgia) and quite probably ADHD. Early this year my son was diagnosed with ADHD, and through my trails and tribulations, and learning about this neurological disorder I am finding that many of the characteristics of ADHD also describe me and many of my experiances. It certainly explains a lot….

Mary Poppins, I am not.


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