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No time for moms

I’ve been looking for some “me time”. But I am a mom, I don’t think mom’s actually get any me time, do they?

By me time, I mean time to myself, for myself, by myself. No interuptions, no “Moooooom, where’s my DS?”, “Moooooom, can I have a drink?”, “Moooooom, I am hungry”, “Moooooom, I am still hungry”, “Mooooooooooooooooooooooom…………..”.

No feeding this chid, No putting that child down for a nap, no changing this one’s diaper, no starting a project only to have to put it away unfinished to change the other one’s diaper and then having to start it over again, no sitting at the kitchen table over-seeing the homework so it get’s done in 20 minutes instead of an hour,  no nothing except me, myself, and I.

In my “Me Time” I would:

  • write on my blog more often.
  • organize what remaining pictures I have
  • start making digital scrapbooks
  • shop around for a new camera
  • plan another trip to Disney
  • make photo slideshows
  • get more organized
  • take a photography class

Well, who knows at this rate I should be able to pencil myself in for sometime in 2010…


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One thought on “No time for moms

  1. Good luck! I keep reading and hearing about how important “me time” is. How you need to show your kids how you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. It seems I only see “famous” people or people with much more money than I have, able to achieve this. I’d love a few breaks here and there but my biggest problem is that I’m worried about the boys when I’m not with them. Not that anything’s going to happen to them but that I’ll miss something – either seeing it, taking a picture or just being a part of the moment. I do want my boys to go out and be independant (really I do) but I don’t want to miss out on their little lives either. Maybe some day we’ll both be able to spend a nice afternoon sitting at the beach drinking our fancy drinks while our husband sit a bit further down the beach (but close enough so we can take pictures and hear the cute things the kids say) and chase them around…..we can dream right?? 🙂

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