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1st comes January, then comes February

January’s Memorable Moments   

Leon really enjoyed making a car with his grandpa for his 1st ever Boy Scout Pinewood Derby, he came in second place in all but one race in which he came in first.  He already has ideas for next years derby car.   



 Leon got his Yellow Belt in Karate this month. He has been doing very well in karate. And despite fighting me on going 3 times a week he enjoys it once he is there.  

I am pretty proud of the fact that I have not faltered on my New Year’s Resolution to go to church again. We did miss one Sunday but that was because Leon had 103 fever. I am also pretty happy that Leon likes his new Sunday School class. I just gotta stop referring to it as Sunday ‘SCHOOL’. He is having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he has to go to school on the weekend. HA!   

Also memorable, but not necessarily a good thing, in fact it’s a bad thing, is we are starting to feel the sting of our new medical insurance. We have an unbelivable high deductible of $2300. Between my fibromyalgia and  Leon’s ADHD we have already had to come up with an extra $440 for medication and a doctor’s visit this month alone. At minimum we will have to have at least $250 a month for medication alone on hand. YIKES!!!!!    

In store for February is:   

  • My gorgeous niece turns 1 on the 5th
  • I have the fun privilege of hosting her First Birthday in my home on the 15th
  • I turn 40 on the 21st
  • I hope to have my new computer up and running by the end of the month
  • and I am wishing for a new camera …. maybe for my birthday? we’ll see

Can’t wait…   




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4 thoughts on “1st comes January, then comes February

  1. February’s set up to be quite the busy month! Good luck with everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

  2. Its not the number. Its the concept!

  3. Jilly–I love your blog! Great insights, very honest. It sounds like Feb will be a big month. You are closer than me by a few months to the big f. I plan to stave it off for as long as I possibly can.

    • Thank you, Deb! Funny I don’t feel like I am turning 40. I tend to either feel 27ish or 90ish but not 40, which would be a happy medium. i mean really whats so bad about 40?

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