Just call me Jiji

…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

What a week!!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s weekend. I sure did. On Friday Leon fell and hurt his hand. When I asked to look at it he said no I had to wait till Valentine’s Day. When I asked why he “said well I’ll tell you but I can’t show you yet, it’s in the shape of a heart so you can only see it on Valentine”s Day”. I love my little man!!


Valentine’s Day was very nice! I got some very nice cards from Ron and Leon. I gave Ron his gift with a note attached that said “Now we both have a nice set of cans” …I gave him two garbage cans. LOL.  The best part of the day was finally getting a new computer. A friend of ours “built” one for me. I think I am a little scared of it. I’ve got to learn how to navigate Vista and Open Office now. They are both new to me. I’ve got to say I really like Vista’s Windows Photo Gallery. I can’t wait to play with my pictures. And now I can truly make this a photo blog!!


Sunday was a nice day too. I planned and hosted a 1st birthday party for my niece. I love planning parties, especially theme parties. My sister and I decided on a ladybug theme. We toyed with a few other ideas, but then we found the perfect ladybug dress and the decision was made.




The party was a success and lots of fun to plan. We used red, black, and green streamers and balloons to decorate my house. I also used red and black paper plates and black pipe cleaners with some scissors and glue to make  cute Ladybug decorations. Ladybug decoration made from 1 black and 1 red plate



I bought some sun catchers for Leon to paint so that he could be a part of the planning.
This is the no sew tutu I made for Kiera and the super cute Ladybug hair clip I found at www.itsy.com.
We found some cute ladybug soaps from http://www.bigdotofhappiness.com/ and my sister made cute chocolate lollipops to give out as favors. The kiddies got a separate bag of goodies too.
We also put the chocolate ladybugs on the cake we ordered from BJ’s and set the table with a red tablecloth topped with black dots.
The party was fun …

  …for more pictures of the party check out my photo website http://jillo.smugmug.com/gallery/7394040_dhHTR#476300226_ZXLLu

Speaking of Birthdays, mine is coming up!
I will be the BIG 4-0 this coming Saturday. Woo hoo!
I had originally planned on celebrating it with the whole family this Saturday and then on the following Saturday I plan on having a small gathering of girlfriends at my house for a Potluck Pajama Party Game Night. It should be fun. I’ve asked my friends to come in pajamas (like I said, I love theme parties)and bring an appetizer to share, I will provide the liquid refreshments and the game. It’s called the Game of Things and it’s great for a ton of laughs. I still have the decorations up from Kiera’s Party so I won’t need to decorate. Some friends (well actually only one) has expressed concern over the fact that I am throwing my own party, but really it’s just how I want to celebrate my birthday. A small gathering of close friends, eating, drinking, and laughing the night away without spending a ton of cash. That’s my birthday wish, actually my birthday wish was to go to Disney World again, but I just did not see that happening, so I planned a night with friends instead. 
Well guess what, I won’t be spending my Birthday this Saturday with the whole family, I’ll be spending it with Mickey Mouse!! That’s right Ron and Leon are taking me to Disney World for my Birthday. I just found out yesterday and we Leave the day after tomorrow at 6am. WOOOOOO HOOOO!!!  So now I’ll have to write up two trip reports. I am very excited to say the least. well, I’ve got to get packing now…
TTFN as my pal Tiger would say.

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4 thoughts on “What a week!!!!

  1. Thanks Ladies!!
    I’t great having friends like you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jill.

    And by the way, 40 is great, is 20-20, which means perfect vision!

    I can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  3. Happy Birthday Jill!! I hope your trip was amazing!! I love the addition of pictures – you’re so multi-talented!!

    I am so excited and happy for you that you are with our friend Mickey right now on your big day!!!!!!!!!!
    I know that you are having a fantabulous time!!!!!!!!!
    A Birthday you will never forget, so whats so bad about turning 40?!?!??!
    I hope this set the tine for the year! Happy Birthday!!!
    Love, Sheila Mike Cait&Mikey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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