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Working moms vs. SAHM

Okay, so yesterday I reserved this spot to rant? …rave? ….vent? about the differences between working moms vs. SAHM. (Let’s just say I had some negative feelings to get off my chest about the subject at the time. But in reality it was more about one particular person than the subject of the Mommy Wars).

Today, I have had a change of heart. I don’t want to cast shadows or point fingers at anyone person or group of people. Seriously, since when have moms been at war with each other (Ugh that was kinda redundant …we’re women, we were born competitive and somewhat critical). 

Really though, I don’t want to make a comparison or weigh out who’s got it better, or harder, or who’s right, or who’s wrong, …who cares! While it is true, that Working Moms and SAHM can be very, very different from one another in how their children are raised, they are also extremely alike, especially where it counts. Moms, no matter what, working or not, only want the best for their children, and always do the very best they can to give it to them. Head to head, we ALL have it tougher than the mom sitting next to us, just as we ALL have it easier than them as well. We are ALL right and we are ALL wrong. None of us does it better than another, it’s just not possible. We ALL can only, do what is individually best for ourselves and our families. So as a mom, who has worked away from home, and been a SAHM, as well as a WAHM, I just want to say we all have the bestest, hardest, most rewarding job in the world and we are all magnificent in our own little way. So keep up the good work.


…… I want to add that I am fully aware that I just took the easy way out. Because while I believe that everything I wrote is completely true, I can’t pretend to understand or agree with a lot of things that certain people do in their lives. The beauty about that though is that I don’t have to.

Taking the easy way out may make me look like a little bit of a chicken, but the discussion of Working Moms vs. SAHM can get volatile to be sure, just as any subject that anyone feels really strongly about can. And that is why I stay away from conversations about things like politics, religion, guns, Roe vs. Wade, Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, and Working moms vs. SAHM. I have my own convictions and opinions about things. They are mine and mine alone. I see no reason to argue with anyone about them. So there!

(updated 3/17/09)


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3 thoughts on “Working moms vs. SAHM

  1. I don’t think you’re a chicken…

    I believe everything you said is true… that doesn’t mean that I agree with every working moms’ or SAHM’s way of doing things…

    because I believe that as a parent I am making decisions that work for me and my family… I don’t think that necessarily I am doing right… but I am doing it the way I think I am supposed to…

    I also think the more we talk about this the more we will unite… because it will be out in the open…


  2. Sheila on said:

    Living by the core of the Mother Center philosophy.I am so proudof you:)

  3. No I don’t think you’re a chicken – I think you’re the bigger person for not pointing fingers or starting a fight. 🙂 Good for you for being the grown up!

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