Just call me Jiji

…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

My day so far…

7:15 am – Wake up after the 3rd day of very little sleep to Leon jumping on my (possibly broken) toe/foot , and scream out in pain

7:30 – sit down to write a response to Leon’s teacher’s 5 page note in his progress report.

7:31 – My niece Kiera is dropped off wanting some attention so Leon and I entertain her.

7:40 – Leon and Kiera both fall together resulting in a large lump on Leon’s head and a bloody nose for Kiera.

7:41 – Panic about the bloody nose and assure Leon that it wasn’t his fault. Examine and soothe the baby, get Leon an ice pack, and decide on whether or not the bloody nose warrants a visit to the doctor.

8:00 – sit down for the second time to attempt to write a response to Leon’s teacher’s 5 page note in his progress report.

8:05 – have a heart attack as I catch Kiera in mid air as she is falling off head first from yet another piece of furniture that she is not supposed to be climbing (she’s a fast little bugger!)

8:10 – hand Kiera to Ron who is on his computer and then hide in the bedroom so as not to be disturbed while writing back to the teacher

8:13 – Little V get’s dropped off for the day and get’s settled in with me in the living room.

8:20 – Stick Kiera in the high chair with a waffle, give Little V a granola bar, and sit back down to finish writing the teacher while Leon throws a bunch of unimportant questions my way.

8:25 – clean up after the whiny baby who wants out of the high chair and set her free. answer Leon’s questions about snacks and playdates

8:29 – finish the note, pack it away after wiping off the water that got spilled on it. Get out the stroller, put the coats on the girls while repeatedly telling Leon to get his shoes and jacket on or he’s going to miss the bus.

8:33 – scoop up a crying Kiera and grab an ice pack for the back of her head that now has a boo boo because she got knocked over as everyone was trying to rush out the door to get the bus.

8:35 – Leon runs out the door paniced that he will miss the bus kicking the glass jar of bird seed that was left on the stoop shattering it all over the walk way.

8:36 – carry both girls over the broken glass to a glass free area and strap the baby into the stroller, then run back into the house and ask Ron to get the broom out and take care of the glass.

8:41 – Bus pulls up and we wave good-bye to Leon. I then spend the next 20 minutes chatting with my girlfriends on the corner.

9:00 – collapse on the couch with the little ones, get the entertained with DVD and toys so I can clean up the morning mess, with a baby tugging on my pants the whole time.

10:00 Morning snack time for both girls

10:20 Clean up the bowl of yogurt and bananas that landed on the floor  courtesy of one fussy Little Miss Kiera.

10:40 put both girls down for thier naps

11:00 sit down at the computer to catch up on my blog, trying to figure out where I should start.

…should I start where I last left off? Nah to grusome, I promised Sheila a happy post. Okay so I can post my Easter pics, nah, too time consuming. Okay how about my story about meeting Kevin James, nah also time consuming with the pictures and what not. Okay, I’ll work backwards from yesterday (with the 5 page note) – whoa, way to time consuming and definetly not a happy post. So in the end what you see is what you get; “my day so far…” and it’s not even noon yet.

So right now at 11:47am I am going to lay down on the couch and put my (possibly broken) injured foot up to rest while the kiddies nap.



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3 thoughts on “My day so far…

  1. Lynn on said:

    Gosh that sounds like my days – especially when I’m home with the boys! Somes days nothing goes right – and some days those “days” last for weeks and months! Hope the “good” days are outnumbers the “bad” ones. 🙂

  2. Debbie on said:

    This is exhasuting. Love your time trackers!

  3. Ana on said:

    How about you tell us how did you get a possibly broken toe???

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