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What’s so special about today?

It’s Ron and my 9 year wedding anniversary today, and with all that has been going on we all but forgot to celebrate. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and things just keep piling on. I’m emotionally and mentally spent with all that’s been going on with Leon because things are continuing to escalate with him. Ron is stressed over work both in the office and at home. Like I said it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We’ve had bad days before and we’ll have bad days again. So today, on our anniversary we barely mumbled Happy Anniversary to one another. I’m okay with that though, because today is just a day like any other day.

I mean really, what is so special about today? It just a plain old Thursday, a Thursday that just happens to be 108 months after Ron and I said I do.  That’s 469 weeks or 3,287 days ago. Wow! We have been married for 3,287 days! That’s a lot of days. I can’t say that every single one of them was great. Like I said we’ve had plenty of bad days, Ron has had bad days and I have had bad days, together and separately. Some how we always have been there for one another unconditionally – if it happens to him, it happens to me and vice versa.  And one thing I can say for sure, is that there have been many, many, many more good days then there have been bad. Both the good and the bad times have made us that much stronger and that much more in love with one another.

We’ve been married for 78,900 hours and while we haven’t spent every single one of those 4,734,034 minutes of that time together I have loved every single 284,042,097 second of it!!!

So what’s so special about today?



 i love you, ron!!!!








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3 thoughts on “What’s so special about today?

  1. Happy 9th, may it be full of good days.

  2. Chrsitine on said:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lynn on said:

    Awww! Happy Anniversary! I hope there are many more good days in your future! 🙂

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