Just call me Jiji

…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

That was YOUR kid???

I’ve been hearing that alot lately….

In going up to the school more frequently (walking Leon all last week due to bus issues) and volunteering for upcoming PTA sponsered events I have been in more contact with other parents.

The hot topic usually is Did you know the principle’s retireing  in June?  (often asked with glee) or,  Did you know that a first grader left the school without anyone even knowing about it during his rec time?

…Ummm yea, I know that was Leon.

That was YOUR kid???, Oh my!, What happened????


I could easily direct them to Blogging it out (part 2) -aka The day the school lost my son , buuuut I’m not feelin it so much.

Yea, I think the other parents in the school should be aware of what happened so they can better inform their kids about safety at school (and of course that the school is correcting the situation), buuuut as much as I freely air my dirty laundry on this blog, do I really want to invite every one at the school to come sniff it?

i mean giving them the link to my blog is like letting them sift through my drawers on a regular basis.

Soooo, I end up re-tellin the tale over and over again anyway. So much for the never-ending post I spent so much time writing to avoid having to rehash it so much.


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