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…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

Whew, he didn’t jump!

Yesterday was a doozy and it left me feelin woozy

Today I had to get up at a quarter to eight and I’m not feelin so great

Here’s hoping today goes well cause yesterday was not so swell

…… okay that’s enough of that, Leon and I were rhyming this morning over breakfast. Anything to keep him entertained, right?

After yesterday’s fiasco I feel like we just can not leave him alone. Which now a days, means when he gets up we get up. Leon was up at 5:15 am this morning. He snuck into our room with his blanket and a CD. I woke up to “Cows, We’re Remarkable Cows…”  playing from my CD player and a little boy hiding under his blanket next to my bed. I told him he could stay but he would have to turn the volume way down so Daddy and I could sleep a bit longer. Ron couldn’t take it so he went to sleep on the couch.

Prior to yesterday I would have sent Leon back to his room to play and told him to stay there till 6:30am which is when Daddy gets up with him. Now, being that he is a flight risk, I am afraid to leave him to his own devices. I mean, I always worried about leaving him to his own devices because inevitably he would do something he wasn’t supposed to, like pour popcorn seasoning salt all over the couch, color with markers on the breakfast trays or draw on his train table, break my hair accessories into a dozen pieces, sneak snack foods, basically get a hold of anything left out over night and devour or damage it. We learned quickly not to leave things out, we need to scan the rooms before bed time to make sure there isn’t anything within reach that he shouldn’t get his hands on. We slip up now and then and have to pay for it. But short of boarding up the windows and nailing them shut, I can’t trust he won’t try jumping out his window again. Obviously we can’t board them up and I refuse to let Ron nail them shut because it’s a fire hazard (my father died in a fire because he could not get out the windows with bars on them). We’ll have to come up with something else, an alarm maybe.

With Ron in the living room, Leon hopped into my bed, and pretty much kept on hopping till he noticed it was after 6:30. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. I shut my eyes comforted with the fact that Ron was getting up with him. Soon after I realized Ron had come back to bed. Poor guy was exhausted after yesterday’s events. He told me Leon was sitting on the computer playing games. I knew I had to get up but I just wanted to close my eyes for 5 more minutes. …can you guess? Yup, 5 minutes turned into an hour, Oh oh, the good news was he was still safely in the house on the computer where Daddy left him, the bad news was he managed to find my stash of “chocolate therapy” that I keep on hand for my monthly visitor. The desk was covered in wrappers. Well, it could have been worse and at least he ate something. Now to get him to eat a real breakfast.

Speaking of yesterday’s events, we made it to the Psychiatrist’s office on time and I was perfectly normal, not crazy at all. 🙂 It was a good appointment, she sat with Ron and I and then with Leon. Based on her observations both during the appointment and in the classroom on the previous day along with interviews with us and various school staff and the rating scales she sees that Leon definitely has severe ADHD along with another coexisting condition or disorder. There is a high rate of comorbidity with ADHD, as high as two-thirds of children with ADHD have an additional coexisting disorder. Based on her observations she is leaning in the direction of Bipolar Disorder and would not rule that out. It is rare that a child has it and it can be somewhat over diagnosed, so she won’t make that diagnosis lightly. I will be doing plenty of research on that now. Her recommendation to us is that we seek out a Child Psychiatrist who can diagnose and regulate his medication properly. She also suggests that we get him off the Zoloft immediately as it is for anxiety disorder and could be what is contributing to his escalating bad behavior. She sees him as having more of a behavioral disorder, and not an anxiety disorder in addition to his ADHD. She also suggested that while he is getting off of the Zoloft (which can take some time to leave the system and can’t just be stopped cold) we might want to keep him home from school and get some home instruction (where the school sends someone to the house). The fear is that it is intensifying his impulses and his lack of control over them. This makes him a danger to himself and possibly others. Her recommendation to the school will be to have him classified. *This makes me happy, now he can get the help he needs, he really is too smart to let slip through the cracks!! So for me this is good news. Now it’s up to the CSE. I am very hopeful that her recommendation and the findings from Dr. Petrosky’s assessment (which we get in ten days) will help to get him exactly what he needs.

On the way home I had Ron drop Leon and I off at my friend, K’s garage sale while he returned my sister’s car (we are still without cars – grrrr!), I am so glad I stopped by there. I got to meet her twin sister and a friend of hers. Her friend has a 15 year old ADHD/Bipolar son. What are the chances of that happening in the same day? She was a wealth of information, giving me tons of helpful information. Along with the information she was so, so, so, kind to give me a bunch of children’s books on ADHD. Books that I have had my eye on and on my wishlist for some time now. I was so thrilled to have met her and for the wonderful gift. Leon and I have already read 3 of them straight through.

From there we walked home stopping at 6 (count ’em, six) other garage sales. Leon was happy to have picked up a board game and was eager to play it. I was eager to find my bed, it wasn’t just calling my name it was screaming for me. And that walk really did me in, I could barely move at this point. Poor Ron was busy taking care of the house when I begged him to let me lay down for an hour. Of course not only did my knight in shining armor agree but he just let me keep sleeping while he juggled laundry, dishes, tiding the house, dismantling Leons bed so as to remove the attached desk right under his window and Leon. No wonder he is exhausted this morning. It’s about 11am should I wake him yet?

Nah I’ll let my Prince Charming sleep. incredibledadhusband


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One thought on “Whew, he didn’t jump!

  1. Lynn on said:

    Aww Ron’s a winner – so lucky for you that you’ve found your Prince Charming! 🙂 Glad to hear you’re answers and support that you need.

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