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The Price of ADHD

It is definitely true that only the rich can afford to be sick. Cause damn its expensive.

Today I realized the cost of ADHD does not just include medical coverage for doctor’s and medications, but also for other miscellaneous items as well.

Here is my ADHD shopping list:scroogemoneybetterthanpovertycopy

Therapist $80 a week

Personal Assessment by Psychologist $2000

Medications – $70 a month

Neurologist -$120 a visit

Occupational Therapy for the summer – $?

Social Skills Group for the summer -$?

Behavioral/Reward Charts $3

Rewards – anywhere from $0.00 – $25 in a week

Special Omega-3 / DHA vitamins – $12 a month

Summer Day Camp to keep him entertained and occupied – $660

Books on ADHD – >$100

Baby Monitor – $40

Window Alarm – $?

Plumbing – $150

Now, realistically the list is much longer than this, but it gives you an idea. Some things have no price listed because I don’t know what that cost to me will be yet but I do need to find out within the next few days. It’s a pretty normal and straight forward list with the exception of maybe the last three items listed. They may raise a few eyebrows.

I am looking to get a baby monitor to listen in and make sure he isn’t getting into trouble in his room.

The window alarm is a precaution, so we don’t have a repeat of Saturday’s “Escape from Cell Block Leon”

Until we can purchase those items we are having him sleep in our room where we can keep a closer eye on him starting tonight. Last night was brutal I got NO sleep considering I woke up half a dozen times to go check his room to make sure he was still there. It was just six years ago that I was checking his crib just to make sure he was still breathing.

And perhaps the strangest item listed would be the plumbing. This morning Ron woke up to find Leon’s singing toothbrush wedged in the toilet. He then noticed that all the other toothbrushes were missing too. Leon flushed 4 toothbrushes down the toilet. Whoo boy! Was Ron pissed, calm, but pissed. Our first thought was oh no how much is this going to cost?

Right now we are just managing from day-to-day. The bills are piling and the cars are dying, while we still hope for an eventful summer and dream our Disney dreams.

So this it the price of ADHD?!?!?!?!?


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One thought on “The Price of ADHD

  1. Lynn on said:

    You and your lists! 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be checking off things left and right and it will all be worked out so quickly. Please yell if there’s anything I can do to help you out!

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