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The Face of ADHD?

So what does ADHD look like?

ADHD can effect anyone. Men, Women, Boys, and Girls


There are plenty of folks out there with ADHD….

adhd faces

And it doesn’t just effect the person with ADHD, it also effects the people around them, the people who love them.

DSC_1216 copy

Ron and I are effected by Leon’s ADHD in so many ways. We race to keep up with him, we suffer though his loud outbursts, try to quiet his tantrums and wipe away his tears, we worry about his future. His pain, is our pain.







IMGP058454886938_img_6971Christmas 006image1081      


       His  energy is endless. When he finally does wind down, we are just as exhausted as he is

Disney World Feb 09 253 (2)56733202_img_7689



And then there is the best part….

 His smile, his laughter, his sense of adventure, his inquizative nature and his resourcfulness.



112202673_recovered0158a copy16337294_img_06007483496_cTK2m-L





With all the messes he has gotten into, from early on in life, he has certainly kept us on our toes and has made our lifes very very interesting.

[rockyou id=139091874&w=725&h=242]


The face of ADHD?….

        …There are many!


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5 thoughts on “The Face of ADHD?

  1. Lynn on said:

    Great post Jill! Love your pictures as always!!

  2. Hey, I love your blog and this post is brilliantly written. The photos really make it stand out from other blogs. What a cute little boy! 🙂

  3. Debbie on said:

    Jill–this is beautiful.

  4. What an awesome post. So well spoken, so well photographed. Just beautiful.

  5. katie on said:

    LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!! He is so freekin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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