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“No Reason Roses”

It is definitely safe to say that Leon’s ADHD is heavy on the imulsive hyeractive side of the disorder. And with it comes some sleep issues. He has trouble falling asleep, which is why we give him Melatonin. He also has trouble staying asleep or at least staying asleep to a decent hour of the morning. He often wakes up at about 6am or shortly there after, no matter what time  he goes to sleep at night.

What this means for us, his parents, is that one or both of us have to get up with him. Mostly to keep him from getting himself into trouble. What kind of trouble could he possibly get himself into at 6am, you ask?

Well there was the time I walked in on him useing my sunblock face stick to write on the wall and window, or the time I found him stuffing half a dozen candy wrappers into the couch cushions as I walked in the room, or the time I found him sitting in his pajamas on the couch watching TV next to a pair of scissors and his legs…. Yes you read that right – he was sitting next to his legs, his pajama legs that is. He was hot, so rather than just take the pajamas off he decided to get a scissor and cut the legs off of them while they were still on him. And who can forget the jumping out of his bedroom window at 5:30 in the morning incident?

So we tend to not want to leave the child unattended without some adult supervision, at least not until he has had his meds. They certainly make a difference. That’s for sure.

Sometimes the result, is … well the whole tug-o-war thing I mentioned in my previous post. Okay not sometimes, most times it’s the whole tug-o-war thing. But sometimes, when one of us, Ron or I, wake up right away and accomidate his immediate needs for attention and something to do right away, on a day like today when none of us have to rush to get ready and keep to the tight schedule of getting to work, or school, or camp, on time; …sometimes the result is just awesome. And oh so pleaseing 

Leon came in to our bedroom this morning, reminding Ron of his promise to get up early with him to go for a morning walk. So at 6am Ron climbed out of bed, threw on a pair of jeans and a baseball cap while Leon raced to get dressed as well, and they went off for thier morning walk.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. In fact it is a ritual that Ron started to do when summer first began, as a way to connect with Leon on some very personal one-on-one time for just the two of them. Often they would walk a few blocks and end up at the supermarket down the road where they would pick up a bunch of fruit and a few other grocery items before turning around to come home. Going on this walk is actually a pretty big deal, because for the most part Ron is definetly NOT a morning person. In fact he can be down right GRUMPY!


Now while they have gone on these walks in the past, it’s has been quite a while since they’ve gone on one. More than a few weeks I would guess-timate. Like I said Ron in NOT, I repeat NOT a morning person. So today was very special…. for all of us!

Leon and Ron got to have their special one on one time. Leon got his need for immediacy (is that a word?) fulfilled. And me, ….I got to sleep in till 9am!!! Woo Hoo!!! That is awesome just all by itself. But there is more.

I woke up this morning in a bed all to myself and as I  shuffle  my way, all blurry eyed and groggy into the bathroom I hear voices in the other room.

Leon: Dad!, Dad!, She’s awake!, Mom’s up. She’s awake!

Ron: Okay, Shhh, shhh. Okay over here.

Leon: Mom!, Mom!

Ron: Give her a minute. She just woke up, She’s going to the bathroom. She will be right out.

( I hear russling and shuffling outside the door…)

I walk out, still blurry eyed and groggy and this is what I see:


This is exactly how and where they were standing... 
and yes, I did make them do a 'do over' so I could get a picture.  
Tee hee - 
Look at Ron's hair, now you know why he put the cap on before going out

Now THAT is a nice way to wake up!! Leon walks over to me with the roses and gives my legs a great big hug. I say “what’s all this for?” and he say “no reason, just beacause you are a super great mom”  Awwww! :*

A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with hash browns on the side for breakfast AND “no reason roses”, what more can a ‘Super Great Mom’ ask for? 😉

Ron told me that it was all Leon’s idea. I LOVE my hyperactive, impulsive son!!!   And his Dad ain’t half bad either!

Today? A good day? ……

                                          …..A Good Day, Indeed!!!!


Needless to say the first 20 minutes of my day today was AWESOME!


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2 thoughts on ““No Reason Roses”

  1. My ADHD Aden woke me up one morning with fried eggs and toast. A very nice thought, but as you can imagine, I felt rather disturbed by the fact that he had been up on his own cooking!!!

    We have found the sleep thing a lot better since he started taking Ritalin. Although, his doctor had told us that wouldn’t be an effect. I have the problem that when I sleep I’m out cold. So I wouldn’t always hear him and that really used to freak me out. No idea where his impulsiveness would lead him.

    We live in Germany and I have to say we receive very little support for our son, indeed the whole family. We were given some tablets, and that’s about it. Is it different where you are?

    Maybe you could press one of the roses and look at it on bad days. It’s always good to have a positive reminder.

    Take care.


  2. What a wonderful way to wake up! You’ve got a wonderful family there! 🙂

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