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Would you like some Catch-up with that Blog …..

….Just another case of life getting in the way of life.Tomato-Ketchup

Also could be titled “There is no time to be blogging”

Life has just been so extreamly chaotic and hectic over the past month, to say the least. September has come and gone and I haven’t found the time to blog. So now it is time for catching up:

At the end of August/beginning of September we went on a 10 day vacation to my favorite destination and I came home to not just one thing after another but one thing on top of another and another and another. It was a case of every thing happening all at once, over lapping and intertwining and getting all tangled up. All I’ve been waiting for over this past month is to just get through all the muck.

The “muck” all started up just days before our trip, when I got two phone calls one after another, the first from my mother crying tears of pain, she had fallen and she could not get up. She believed she had broken her foot (possibly both of them). I called 911 and sent an ambulance to pick her up, and my sister to meet her at the hospital while I cared for my niece and son. Later my sister called and informed me her future father-in-law had been rushed to Sloan Ketering that same day. He was jaundice from head to toe. Later we learned that the cancer was back and his liver was blocked. He had weeks to live. This was alot of bad news all at once.

The days following were a scramble to get ready to go on our long awaited trip, while putting in over time with my niece, Kiera, whom I care for on a daily basis while my sister is at work, so that my my sister could divide her time between our mother and her fiance and his father. Plus there was the matter of finding alternative child care for Kiera, now that my mother was out of comission and could not care for her while I was away. Mom had been ordered off her feet for the 6 weeks following her surgery to have a pin and plate put in to mend the dangling (yes I said dangling) foot. Then the  day before I was to leave I got a confusing phone call from the director of CSE (Committee on Special Education) advising me that there was a meeting scheduled for the day before I was to return from our trip to discuss Leon and what they could do for him in second grade.  ACK! Talk about having too much on your plate to deal with all at once. We managed to reschedule the meeting for the day after we arrived home, which was also Leon’s first day of second grade. As mentioned I was a bit confused by the phone call, something just did not sit right with me. That day I was just a big ball of stress trying to pack, get last minute errands done and making phone calls to clear up some of my confusion. At least four hours of my day were lost in long but very productive although somewhat worrying phone calls between myself, my husband, the always amazing and helpful Dr. E. Petrosky (I can never say enough about this man) and a very caring woman that I have never met but hope to keep in contact with (thanks Lori P).  

What a way to begin a vacation. Don’t get me wrong Disney was awesome as usual. We had so much fun and took tons of pictures that I can’t wait to share, I remember thinking I can’t wait to blog about this or that when we got home. But it was a bit annoying to have the worry about what was waiting for us at home when we got back. Unfortunately I also had to spend a fair amount of time on the phone while in Disney, again with Dr. E Petrosky, who then put me in contact with Mr. BradRosken, a special education lawyer. This man was so incredably helpful in helping me understand the CSE procedures and what our rights are, he took the time to talk me through all the questions I had and gave me advice on what to do when we returned home.

The days flew by while we were in Disney and eventually we had to return home. And that’s when things really got hairy. Starting from the day we arrived back into New York we had to go to  to doctors appointments,  fore go our usual traditions for Leon’s first day of school in order to make the 504 plan meeting ontime, followed by more doctor appointments, tons of driving back and forth to my mom’s to make sure she follows her doctor’s orders and stays off her feet, and prepping for the Kids Kloset Consignment sale that I do twice a year and caring for my niece overtime so that my sister could continue to split her time between work, our mother and helping Kenny with his father. And that was just the first week back. During the second week there was more of the same, but add to it the start of my new gig babysitting adorable 5 month old Nico, for my girl Donna, three days a week and the last minute scramble to prep and price the inventory for the consignment sale. The end of the 2nd week was busy with working the sale and getting he sad news that Kenny’s father had passed. This past week, the third week was really rough, my sister had alot on her plate with the wake and the funeral and all and I was trying my best to help her with Kiera, and be there for my mom, while trying not to black out from the dizzy spells I had started experiencing the week before along with nausea and headaches. i got so sick that by the time this past weekend hit I was done!

For a brief moment yesterday I actually felt as if I finally was over the hump and I could finally relax and breath again. I could take some ME time. Some time to catch up on my blog. 

Shortly after I started to write this post  I got the call from Ron. A good friend of his passed away. It was unexpected but not surprising. It is very sad news.

I ended up spending the day reflecting, and crying for Ron and his friends. I decided to write it all down before finishing catching up on this post. Well now that both are done, here you have them, one right after another.


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