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New Year’s Resolutions Big and Small

WELCOME to 2010!!

It’s a New Year! A time of new beginnings right?

Time for New Year’s Resolutions big and small.

Each year around this time, you hear mutterings about starting over and/or beginning again.

Not from me, not this year. I don’t want to start over or begin again.

I have just one small New Year’s Resolution:

I just want to keep doing what I am doing, only better!!!

Each month, each week, each day, each hour, and each minute.

From taking care of my family, and my home; to taking care of myself, body and soul. From staying organized; to just surviving the stress and chaos of life. From planning well in advance; to flying by the seat of my pants and being absolutely spontaneous. From being thrifty and sensible when I need to be; to being frivolous and splurging on the more enjoyable things in life when I can. From remembering the past and where I’ve come from, and embracing the future and where I want to be tomorrow; to living for today and just for today. From living my life beautifully and gratefully; to ageing gracefully under the pressure and pain of fibromyalgia. From prioritizing what’s important; to takeing things as they come.

This year, I resolve keep the highs, high and the lows to a minimum.

To take each moment in as it comes and try to make it better than the last.

To live my life beautifully and gratefully

   ……Just one small New Year’s Resolution! …

and the beauty of it all is that I can’t fail, all I have to do is take life by the balls and live it well!


I was not the only one with a New Year’s Resolution for 2010 in this household…

Leon’s great big 2010 New Year’s Resolution is to learn to tie his shoelaces,

       …and to ride a two-wheeler this year.

            ………oh yeah, and something in there about learning to drive.

For Leon, learning to tie his shoes, is no small feat given his difficulties in OT with fine motor skillsupper extremity weakness, and decreased proximal stability leading to decreased distal mobility.

(yeah, I had trouble with the big words too, that’s why I included links)

When he made up his mind to start practicing on the 1st of January, I figured it would take some time, a few weeks, maybe longer. We have had a lot of false starts in the past, leading to many tears, tantrums, and frustration. I just figured that with the invention of velcro, there was never a need to push him into it.

We gave him new sneakers with laces, on the 1st, for him to practice on. We tried to help him and show him how to tie it snuggly so the shoes would not fall off or the laces come untied. He just did NOT want to hear it. He had to do it his way, on his own, by himself.

He became so hyper-focused on it … that I was sure that he would give up.

   …..I was wrong, this was him on January 2nd!



 They aren’t perfect, they keep coming undone, or they fall off because it’s too loose. But they are tied!!!!

I have no doubt that Leon will be two wheeling it as soon as the weather warms up!!! 

Just goes to show….

    …….that when it comes to Leon,

it has to be in his time and his way, because when he sets his mind to something, look out! 

-(Thank you ADHD!).

Now excuse me, while I go and hide my car keys!!!


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One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions Big and Small

  1. 5kidswdisabilities on said:

    Nice article. I like the keeping the highs high and the lows low. My philosophy also!
    Lindsey Petersen

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