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New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

As you may or may not remember, these were my resolutions for 2009: 

-Go back to church and tithe regularly

-Remember …. life & don’t miss a thing, keep up with this blog.

-Get back to Disney World this year.

…. how did I do??


I did go back to church, and I tithed – but it didn’t last but a few months. And I am truly disappointed with myself over that.

why I failed:

Mornings are very difficult for me.

Because of my fibromyalgia, mornings are probably the most difficult part of my day. I have a lot of trouble getting up early, let alone just functioning properly any time before 11am or noon on most days. And especially on weekends after having to get up at 7am all week. 

 I just could not get myself up and ready to leave the house by 8:30am. And while there was is a later service, the children’s service only ran during the early service, well at least it did in the beginning of last year. I have just discovered that they now run the children’s services during the later church service as well.

Aside from rebuilding my own relationship with god, the major reason I want to get back to church is for Leon.

unfortunately I let my fibro, his ADHD/ODD, anxiety, stress, a busy schedule, and all kinds of miscellaneous reasons keep me from making more of an effort to get to church each week. 

So now that a new year has begun and I want to renew my resolution to make every effort possible to get myself and my family to church.

My second 2009 resolution to remember life, not miss a thing, and keep  this blog up, started out with a bang. And then things got really crazy, and while it was and is very cathartic to let it all out in my blog, eventually when things started to quiet down a bit and normalize I found myself very scattered rather than focused.

It is as if when all the turmoil surrounding Leon’s most difficult time with ADHD/ODD hit, a huge tornado hit. We were blown over; picked up and spun all around; slammed back down; and tossed and turned in every direction. And when the dust finally settled, I had to really throw myself back into catching up with “normal” life, I felt as if I was consistently just trying to ”catch up”, so much so that my blog took a back seat but was never far from my mind. I can’t even tell you how many times I have written a post in my head that just never made it to the screen.

Now, with the new year here I’ve made it a point to find the time to devote to my blog(s).

 -yes, I started a new one, SayKase is just a fun way for me to share one or more of my photos each day-

And in doing so I am reminded how important taking time out for me is. Adding to my blog each day makes me feel good!

This is something I want to keep on doing on a regular basis and hopefully get better at with each passing day.

My third New Year’s Resolution for 2009 was simply to go back to Disney World.  Now that one, that one was easy to keep! TWICE even!

Cheap….NO! But easy…Yes!!!

Actually it really wasn’t thaaaaat expensive.

 I am very, very good at finding deals. It also helped that we had annual park passes and Ron working in the travel industry gave us some really awesome discounts on flights and hotels. I’d love to say that this year we will be going again. But I’ve been told we need to take year off. So for this year, I’ll have to settle for getting my Disney fix by finally scrapbooking all my trips and planning our 2011 trip. 🙂

There were a couple other ~ahem~ unwritten resolutions too. I probably left them unwritten because I was doomed to fail. Like the 1 year gym membership I paid for but never went to (nope not a once) . :opps: Color me ashamed.

So for 2010, my New Years Resolution (as stated in a earlier blog post), is to keep doing what I am doing, only better!!! Each month, each week, each day, each hour, and each minute. To keep the highs, high and the lows to a minimum.  To take each moment in as it comes and try to make it better than the last.

To live my life beautifully and gratefully.

And with that I will try harder and do better ;

At getting my butt to church each week

I will make the time and take the time to blog it all out.

I will improve on my Disney plans for our next trip and be better at document all my trips past, present and future. (perhaps a brand new blog?)

 I will make better choices in how I choose to get healthy and fit

  • no gym memberships I wont use
  • find a healthy diet I can stick to – for the purpose of being healthy and setting a good example to Leon 
  • find the right specialists to treat all my recent as well as long standing health problems.

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