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…Cleaning my plate – Part 1

Whew!! Did you see how full my plate is??

Remember when your mom used to tell you to clean your plate?  Time for me to take care of that a few bites at a time. Afterall I do not want to bite off more than I can chew all at once. So I am pacing myself.

And in the interest of not making this post to terribly long I’ll be breaking it up into a few bits at a time as well. 

So this is (me),  “…Cleaning my plate – Part 1”

When someone says their plate is full, they usually mean they have a full schedule or a lot to do. Of course it could also mean that they didn’t know that they could make multiple trips to the all-you-can-eat buffet table. 😛

Certain things are a just a given and just can’t be cleared off the plate..

…like my job; 

…and the daily mess and exhaustion that comes with it. Along with the fun and games and the smiles and giggles that make it worth it. This alone fills my plate.


Then there’s Leon and the many, many interesting surprises that comes along with his ADHD.

While so many things have gone well for us, from the way he behaves when we are out, to his report card, to the way he has taken his cousin under his wing,

there are still, a few things here and there that need to be ironed out.

Such as our recent concerns about the decline in Leon’s behavioral control over the past 8 to 10 weeks:

His emotional outbursts are much more frequent;

  •  often yells, screams, or cries rather than calmly handles a situation
  •  is angered and frustrated more easily over seemingly simple things

Has been having a harder time regaining control of his emotions

  • when reminded to use his words more calmly he gets even more agitated and angry

Frequently forgets to bring all his homework supplies home.

  • books are often left in school

Gets frustrated much more easily and quickly when thinks are not going as he expects

Has been displaying more impulsive behavior;

  • walking out of the house without reason or permission
  • playing with the hose on a cold day 
  • playing with scissors inappropriately
  • running across the street to catch the bus
  • poking holes in clothing with pencil
  • found screws and brought them to school
  • touches or uses things he knows he isn’t supposed to. (medicine, sprays, make-up, creams)

Getting bored and more easily distracted in class which results in destructive behavior;

  • finished  scissor work before anyone else and proceeded to cut several holes in his pants
  • bored with work, poked about a dozen holes onto the chest and stomach area of his shirt with a pencil
  • finished scissor work early, began ‘playing’ with scissors snipping at the air and ended up cutting his own hand and drawing blood.

We recently had an appointment with his neurologist to discuss making a change in his medication. He agreed that given Leon’s growth since he was first prescribed the Concerta, it would be wise to increase it accordingly.

So, we are going from 36mg to 45mg (possibly more, depending on how this dose works out). I’ll have to keep on my toes and watch for any adverse side effects. I know other parents have reported that when the meds became less effective, it wasn’t enough to just increase the dosage. Changing to a whole new medication was necessary in some cases. I am hoping and praying that that will not be the case.

…And, that the mornings right before he leaves for school, and the afternoons right after he comes home, will look like this;


~ instead of this ~


So far it’s been working out well. Although there have been a few rough spots, like when his teacher called to let me know that he was being extremely willful in class. I have an appointment to meet with her on Monday morning to discus a more streamlined behavioral plan for him in class.

We found out later that he had pocketed his medication that morning with the intention of taking it later in the day, so that he could stay focused that evening during Cub Scouts. unfortunately somewhere along the way they fell out of his pocket :yikes:


I am also in the process of overhaulin’ my own body. While I would just rather trade it in for a brand new one, or take some magic potion that will instantly make me young again….

…we all know that ain’t gonna happen. 

The hell I went through recently with the Fibro, and the very apparent effect it had on me participating in activities with my family was a wake up call. You may recall a earlier post where I wrote about feeling very guilty about how my disability affects my son’s day and my ability to be the mother I want to be.

That was a MAJOR A-HA moment.

I realized I HAD to do something about my health.

I am sure that as I get older the harder this disability hits me, but age isn’t the only thing that is contributing to my increasing difficulties with my Fibro. My ever-increasing weight gain is damaging to my health, to my Fibro and to my ability to manage my life in the way I want it to be.

My weight has been an issue for the majority of my life. But, the truth is, it never really bothered me that much. For one thing I have always had a great figure, “for a big girl” and I found ways to compensate for being “a big girl”.  Some were acceptable; like through my sparkling personality and humor, while others were not very acceptable at all; suffice it to say I used my sexuality as a means of getting a lot of attention. Thus resulting in me not being concerned with being overweight because as I used to often say I had all the right curves in all the right places (and I knew how to use them).  I always received plenty of attention.

In the last year however since turning 40, I think for the first time it really, really bothers me. I can no longer look in the mirror and say I may be overweight but at least I wear it well. Because I don’t; not anymore. I am not just overweight or big, which have always been my preferred words to use to describe myself; I am FAT. Technically I am considered OBESE! How I could have fooled myself for so long, I just do not know.

Now that I have come to terms with it, I have to do something about it, right?

Right!! Plenty of ideas came to mind. Weight Watchers had worked for me after I gave birth to Leon…. I lost 40 lbs on it…. until I found out I was being laid off, then I gained it all back with a cherry on top (…a 30lb cherry that is). Then there was NutriSystem which I had done just prior to my wedding. That worked if you count an organ having to be removed as a result of it (- had to have emergency gall bladder surgery just weeks before my wedding 😯 ). excercise is ALWAYS a good option, and I don’t mind the excercise itself too much, it’s just the getting started part of it I don’t like. Last spring, one of the local gyms was running a special, so I went…. once. That’s right I went to the gym one time and signed up for a 1 year membership, and then never stepped foot in there again. PATHETIC, I know! I even considered surgery, I mean seriously if the could cut out my gall bladder and I survived, then why not get rid of half my gut? The fact of it all is, what I really needed was something very easy. I wasn’t looking for quick, I know enough about nutrition to know losing quickly is not the answer. But easy was what I needed, a diet plan where everything was all ready thought out for me, pre-planned, premeasured, and pre-cooked – EASY.  My A-HA moment came at a time when I was way down. Depression and pain was ever-present and my life felt totally out of control, as if it was out of my hands.

That’s where my new friend Jenny Craig came in;

She tells me what to do and I do it. EASY!!

Expensive! ….but Easy! and so far so good, in just 8 weeks I’ve already lost 18lbs and it shows. I am already feeling better and more energized. Believe it or not I am actually exercising. Like I said; I don’t mind the excercise itself too much, it’s just the getting started part of it I don’t like. The getting ready and getting their part of it.

I signed Leon up for swimming lessons at the indoor pool in the park, so rather than just sit there I might as well jump in too and burn some calories, don’t you think? I do 30-45 minutes of swimming once a week. I am sure that if I didn’t have to make the trip to get Leon there I probably wouldn’t be doing it myself.

I have also discovered the Wii Fit. Who knew exercising could be fun? And so close to home too..

I am pretty happy with the results of the new diet and excercise regimen, and so is my doctor.

More about that coming soon in Cleaning my plate – Part 2 Fibro is a pain in the..



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3 thoughts on “…Cleaning my plate – Part 1

  1. Lynn on said:

    Jill you’re an inspiration! I’m trying to figure out a “program” to loose some weight before we go to Disney in November and I just don’t know what I’m going to do. Being allergic to the sun makes it pretty much impossible to any kind of outdoor exercise or play with the boys. Pre kids I used to work out at the gym for like an hour and a half every day…no time (or money) with kiddos. We’ve got a wii fit and I was using it but didn’t see results quick enough (and let’s be honest – I love my sleep so much more some days!) so I quit. I even got “crazy pills” (that’s not the technical name for them 😉 ) from the doctor. They really work in speeding up metabolism but make me crazy as a loon (as if I needed the help there!). I literally spent almost a whole day at work crying and over-reacting over something really stupid. I can’t do the Jenny Craig or anything because I’m too picky and won’t eat the food they send. The worst part for me is that I only usually eat one meal a day (dinner) so my body’s not working all day like it should be.

    Anyways, that was a really long winded way of saying great job Jill!! I can’t wait to hear more updates on everything!!

  2. I totally know how you feel! My youngest son had a meltdown at school last week and with the rain here lately, my Fibro has been working overtime.

    I’m going to be 40 in September and I am 30 lbs overweight. I just started the Wii fit last week and I’m loving it. I have lost 2 lbs this week and I’m looking forward to wii-ing my body to become fit again.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful post. I can’t wait to read part II! 🙂


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