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Cleaning my plate – part 2 / Fibro is a pain in the…

….continued from Cleaning my plate – part 1

At my annual physical with my primary care physician I brought up my concerns about my health and the impact it was having in my life. Many things were discussed and I was referred to various other doctors to discuss certain issues that come with age and with being a woman.

We also addressed my Fibromyalgia, I wanted to re-evaluate my treatment.


After this past winter and the nearly 3-month long fibro flare-up something had to change.  I have managed the pain through the same old meds for quite some time. I think it is time to change them up, especially given all the new medications out there for Fibro now. My doctor agreed and has me on Lyrica now.

It’s been about a week, so I am unsure as of yet if it is making a huge difference. For now the side effects of constipation, headache and fatigue are making it difficult for me to see if the results are any good. I am also a bit worried about the side effect of weight gain. Although I did not gain any weight at this week’s Jenny Craig weigh in I also did not lose any. Over the course of this past week, while on the Lyrica I have felt more hungry, and I will sheepishly admit that I did give in to it a bit too much. I am just going to have to make my will power even stronger!


Mean while I am still taking the Cymbalta which is good, because it keeps Evil Jill at bay. When people ask me what I am taking it for my first thought is Anger Management. Yes, as far as I am concerned there is a pill for that. Face it, it keeps me chill and I lose my mind a lot less, and don’t yell at Leon as much when he drives me bonkers.

I just dislike having to take 6 pills a day between the Lyrica and the Cymbalta. But if I really think about it I was probably taking more pills than that during my flare ups. Hopefully I can cut down on the muscle-relaxants, anti inflamatories, and pain killers now.

Being that the weather was such a huge contributor to the most recent flare-up loop, I am hopeful that the change in weather will turn things around too. so far so good. It’s 82 degrees and nary a complaint of pain. (Although you might check in with me later, after my date with my Wii Fit 🙂 )

Spring is in the air and summer is close behind! My sinuses may not like it, but my physical strength and my spirit are doing so much better.

Watch out! I am back, baby!! 8)

While at the doctor I also inquired about Adult ADD and a possible diagnosis. As it is often the case with parents of children with ADHD, usually one or both parents also have ADD/ADHD. The more research I do the more convinced I am that I have always had it. My mother agrees with this but I want to know for sure so I can get treatment for it.

Some might ask, “What’s the big deal?, If you have it, you’ve always had it and you adjusted”; Well, yeah that is true however adjustments don’t happen overnight, and with each new situation that enters my life there is a new adjustment period. My life has always been chaotic and cluttered, both literally and figuratively, and I’ve always, eventually muddled through but not without everything being turned upside down first. I always say I am the most organized, disorganized person I know. However throw in even the smallest monkey wrench and everything goes Kaplooey until I can figure out a way to put it all back together again.

 If I didn’t have just me to be responsible for that would continue to be just fine. But the fact of the matter is I really need to handle myself better. I need to be a good example to my child so so he can learn to manage his ADHD life, rather than contribute to his chaos.

The doctor wants me to deal with one thing at a time, especially when medication is involved. And right now that thing is Fibromyalgia.

In the meantime I am trying to manage the household better and make our lives a bit more manageable and organized….

….more coming in Cleaning my plate – part 3


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