Just call me Jiji

…me, just pretending to be me ….now, where did I put that cape??

Scratch That!

I think it was about 7am-ish when Leon pounced on our bed and announced that it was time to get up. I am not too sure though because I was DEAD ASLEEP. I heard him, I even saw him through squinted eyes. I heard Ron say something about the TV. And then ZZzzzzzz!
It was close to 9 o’clock when Leon pounced again. The TV timer kicked in and turned off the TV (a tool we use to get Leon to the school bus on time). He need us to enter the password so he could finish watching his show.
I pad into the livingroom and through squinted eyes I fumble with the remote. Everything is all blurry. I forgot my glasses. I go get them and return. As my eyesight returns my gaze falls to the coffee table.
The words come booming out from my lips “GET TO YOUR ROOM THIS INSTANCE BUSTER!! YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!!!”.
This is what I saw:  

Yes! He did use that ROCK to CARVE his name into the coffee table!


I plop down on the couch in disbelief only to stick my hand in something cold, wet, and slimy.
Ugh! Jello!
I take a quick look around…. there!….. there is the half eaten cup of red Jello.  

But wait, this is green jello?!  

Look! there’s some orange Jello too!  

I look around.  

Hmm, nothing, no sign of any other containers.  

I scan the floor…  

OMG! Between the couch and under the table…  

This is what I find:  



That’s 3 Jello, 2 pretzels, 2 Capri Suns, and several chocolates  

…and now he is grounded to his room for the day.  


Lesson of the day:  

Do not leave your ADHD/ODD child his own devices in the morning for any length of time without the aid of his medication!!


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2 thoughts on “Scratch That!

  1. Oh my gosh, shades of yesteryear. They grow older, still do horrible things, but thank goodness you are blogging this and including pics so you can laugh…and laugh…and laugh, for years 🙂

  2. Priceless! Corbin’s been in trouble a LOT lately too! This whole going back to school thing has been crazy this year! Hope you’re recovered and Leon’s done being grounded. I think you need a vacation and I just happen to be going to Disney in 76 days. 🙂

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