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A 7-year-old’s Recipe for Stuffed Chicken

Step 1: Have an adult retrieve frozen chicken nuggets from freezer.

Step 2: Have an adult follow the directions on the package to cook chicken

Step 3: Once chicken is done, sit at table and wail “But I don’t waaaaant chicken nuggets”

Step 4: As soon as the adults leave the room or turn their backs, stuff chicken nuggets into the baseboard heater.

And Waa-Laa you have  “A 7-year-old’s Recipe for Stuffed Chicken”

Oh and….












…………….     you are grounded to your room for the rest of the evening for lying about it, and for the 4 extra pieces that were found from the last time you made stuffed chicken.


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One thought on “A 7-year-old’s Recipe for Stuffed Chicken

  1. Wait a few more weeks, turn on the heat and you’ll have extra crispy stuffed chicken! That’s how I found out about Sarah’s “stuffed” bread, my whole house was smelling like toasts…

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