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Unfinished Business

I find that I have little free time of late. And when I do I am constantly trying to finish up things I’ve previously begun. If I knew how to knit I could probably make a scarf long enough to wrap around the globe twice with all the loose ends I leave dangling.  Things like house cleaning, art projects, research, photo projects, paying traffic tickets,  articles for this blog, etc.. etc.. etc..


I was recently asked about my experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, by a friend who is doing some research for school. Usually I would refer her to this blog.  However, after looking over what I have, I realize that, what I have, is a lot of unfinished blog business.

I have about 10 drafts of posts that I’ve begun but never completed. Not all of them are about ASD, but a few are.

Leon, age 9 (for 9 more days, anyway),  is on the spectrum, he is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, which is a high functioning Autism.  But, much of what I have written and published in this blog is about ADHD.

Leon was first diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old. It was not necessarily a complete misdiagnosis though. He is Aspergers with co morbid ADHD/ODD/SPD.  If you read through previous posts starting in the beginning you will see that while I knew that ADHD was a good fit for him, I always felt there was something more to it. Something missing…. as in a missing piece to the puzzle, which is appropriate. I know fully understand why ASD is represented by puzzle pieces.

Leon was only diagnosed AS this year, and since then I haven’t posted much about it. Mostly because I think I am still coming to grips with it. As I have said, I have written, or at least started writing, a few articles on the subject, but never quite got around to finishing them and posting them.  It’s always on my mind and I really want to get it out and down on paper (so to speak), but it’s been hard sorting out the details and the emotions. It is very over whelming to say the least.

There is so much good information out there and I want to share it, so stay tuned!



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