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Christmas’ Past

I came across this AWESOME site for digital scrapbooking. I discovered it through Groupon {LOVE Groupon}.

I bought a groupon worth $50 for $15.

I am now addicted to MixBook!!!! The site is so increadibly easy to use. In the last 2 days I put together 3 books to give as Christmas presents. I love that I can be as creative as I want to be or with just a simple click of one button, have it done for me.

Of course I have to, be all OCD about it and pick out every little detail that goes into the books. One of my favorite features is the ability not only to order the book in various sizes but I can also share my creations right here on my blog.

This is the first book I made; it is a collection of family photos of our last ten years of Christmas. You may notice that prior to 2008 I don’t have nearly as many pictures for each Christmas as I do for the years 2008 and after; in fact I have no pictures for the year 2007. The reason for this is I lost ALL of my photos from 2004 – 2007 when my computer crashed in 2007.

{There is a lesson here. BACKUP YOUR PHOTOS people!!!!}

Anyway this is my link for my Christmas’ Past album, let me know what you think;

Christmas 2001-2011



Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

For My Local Peepers

I just wanted to share the information for the Fall 2011 Kids Kloset Consignment sale. It is next weekend….

If you are a new parent or grandparent, or a parent-to-be make sure you go to the website http://www.thekidskloset.com to register for the pre-sale.
Another great tip for teachers; there are plenty of great books to be had for your classroom, and if you go on Sunday, many of them are half price.

Happiness comes in many forms

“I am a math genius!, I guess I am good at math because big numbers make me happy”

-Leon Oldfield (discussing his report card)

Please just GO AWAY!

Dear Headache,

Please just GO AWAY!

You just can’t seem to take a hint, I throw things at you like medication and OTC pills; I try ignoring you by sleeping, with the hope that you would just go away; I’ve fed you, thinking that maybe it was just hunger keeping you around; and given you gallons of water in case it was just dehydration. 

 And still you are there.

Please just GO AWAY!

Seriously we’ve just got to stop meeting like this.

You’ve become way too predictable. You are there when I go to bed. You are there when I wake up

Please just GO AWAY!

Don’t think of this as a break up, after all it’s not like I ever liked you in the first place!

Please just GO AWAY!

I know you think that you’ve got all the power and that I could never get over you!

But I am done! Really, really done!


New Year’s Resolutions for 2010

As you may or may not remember, these were my resolutions for 2009: 

-Go back to church and tithe regularly

-Remember …. life & don’t miss a thing, keep up with this blog.

-Get back to Disney World this year.

…. how did I do??


I did go back to church, and I tithed – but it didn’t last but a few months. And I am truly disappointed with myself over that.

why I failed:

Mornings are very difficult for me.

Because of my fibromyalgia, mornings are probably the most difficult part of my day. I have a lot of trouble getting up early, let alone just functioning properly any time before 11am or noon on most days. And especially on weekends after having to get up at 7am all week. 

 I just could not get myself up and ready to leave the house by 8:30am. And while there was is a later service, the children’s service only ran during the early service, well at least it did in the beginning of last year. I have just discovered that they now run the children’s services during the later church service as well.

Aside from rebuilding my own relationship with god, the major reason I want to get back to church is for Leon.

unfortunately I let my fibro, his ADHD/ODD, anxiety, stress, a busy schedule, and all kinds of miscellaneous reasons keep me from making more of an effort to get to church each week. 

So now that a new year has begun and I want to renew my resolution to make every effort possible to get myself and my family to church.

My second 2009 resolution to remember life, not miss a thing, and keep  this blog up, started out with a bang. And then things got really crazy, and while it was and is very cathartic to let it all out in my blog, eventually when things started to quiet down a bit and normalize I found myself very scattered rather than focused.

It is as if when all the turmoil surrounding Leon’s most difficult time with ADHD/ODD hit, a huge tornado hit. We were blown over; picked up and spun all around; slammed back down; and tossed and turned in every direction. And when the dust finally settled, I had to really throw myself back into catching up with “normal” life, I felt as if I was consistently just trying to ”catch up”, so much so that my blog took a back seat but was never far from my mind. I can’t even tell you how many times I have written a post in my head that just never made it to the screen.

Now, with the new year here I’ve made it a point to find the time to devote to my blog(s).

 -yes, I started a new one, SayKase is just a fun way for me to share one or more of my photos each day-

And in doing so I am reminded how important taking time out for me is. Adding to my blog each day makes me feel good!

This is something I want to keep on doing on a regular basis and hopefully get better at with each passing day.

My third New Year’s Resolution for 2009 was simply to go back to Disney World.  Now that one, that one was easy to keep! TWICE even!

Cheap….NO! But easy…Yes!!!

Actually it really wasn’t thaaaaat expensive.

 I am very, very good at finding deals. It also helped that we had annual park passes and Ron working in the travel industry gave us some really awesome discounts on flights and hotels. I’d love to say that this year we will be going again. But I’ve been told we need to take year off. So for this year, I’ll have to settle for getting my Disney fix by finally scrapbooking all my trips and planning our 2011 trip. 🙂

There were a couple other ~ahem~ unwritten resolutions too. I probably left them unwritten because I was doomed to fail. Like the 1 year gym membership I paid for but never went to (nope not a once) . :opps: Color me ashamed.

So for 2010, my New Years Resolution (as stated in a earlier blog post), is to keep doing what I am doing, only better!!! Each month, each week, each day, each hour, and each minute. To keep the highs, high and the lows to a minimum.  To take each moment in as it comes and try to make it better than the last.

To live my life beautifully and gratefully.

And with that I will try harder and do better ;

At getting my butt to church each week

I will make the time and take the time to blog it all out.

I will improve on my Disney plans for our next trip and be better at document all my trips past, present and future. (perhaps a brand new blog?)

 I will make better choices in how I choose to get healthy and fit

  • no gym memberships I wont use
  • find a healthy diet I can stick to – for the purpose of being healthy and setting a good example to Leon 
  • find the right specialists to treat all my recent as well as long standing health problems.

Memorable Moments in 2008.

A list…..

…and being that my memory sucks, whether it be the Fibro or the self diagnosed ADHD, I will do this systematically month by month:

January – My journey to a whole new world began. I read my brand new Disney tour books I had gotten for Christmas non-stop. Once I had started reading them it became my mission to get us to Walt Disney World. That’s when I discovered that planning a trip to Disney is half the fun of it all. From that point on Disney had become my obsession. 

I began working again. Finally I had my own money again!! Granted I was ‘just’ babysitting twice a week on a regular basis for the nieces of a former co-worker. I soon realized there is no just about it. I wasam a childcare provider, and a darn good one too! I now had actual greenbacks to contribute to the Disney fund we had started 3 years earlier, which was btw really just a spare change fund.

February– On Feb 5th 2008 we welcomed my beautiful niece Kiera Noel into the world. I became Tante Jill, my husband became Uncle Ron, and My son became CoutherLeon (he came up with that one, he says he is part cousin and part brother to her). Too cute, and very true.

Leon at age 5 and in kindergarten attempted to walk out of his school and walk home on his own. There is a whole story to this that will probably come later. It was very scary for his father and I. Stress and worry became a permanent resident in my life in my life. This was definitely a very memorable moment for us. And while it wasn’t a great moment, it was the wake up call that led us to eventually get some answers and a diagnosis of ADHD for Leon.

I also became another year older so as a birthday gift to myself I booked our trip to Disney. Woo Hoo!

Oh and I can’t forget that this is when I also discovered the DIS!! my most favorite Disney website www.disboards.com. Granted not necessarily a very memorable moment, but an important moment in that, from then on my obsession grew. I became a DISigner, creating fun graphics for personalized Disney T-shirts, I made some good friends, and started haphazardly writing a PTR (aka PreTrip Report) and all of this in the name of planning our trip to Disney World.    

March–  Not so memorable as it is noteworthy in our journey to find answers for Leon. He (we) began seeing a social worker.

April– I began providing regular childcare for my niece. Five days a week, 9 hours a day, in addition to the two 10 hour days of childcare I provided for 2yo V. Neither of them were (are) paying me as much as I’d like to make but at least I was making some money again and we were not struggling as much financially anymore. Being able to contribute more financially to our family definitely is a memorable moment and quite empowering.  Working, from home no less  did wonders for my self-esteem. I got to be both WAHM and SAHM. Annnd I got to spend more time with my baby niece. At this point in my life I knew we were not going to have another child as much as I wanted one, so having Baby Kiera in my life on a nearly daily basis was as close to having another baby as I would get. I gotta say she truly is like a daughter to me.

May – Leon is officially diagnosed with ADHD. Wow! so strange to feel devastation and relief all at the same time! Devastation at the difficulties my poor baby was having, and would continue to have. Relief in that we had some answers. Knowing that Leon had a neurological disorder put a lot of things into prospective. It also allowed me to cut him a lot more slack. I began reading all I could find about ADHD.

June– Nothing too memorable in this month. Leon graduated out of Kindergarten. I had worried a bit that he would stay behind, given his behavioral and social problems and the fact that I would get a call from his school at least once every one or two weeks. We put him into a day camp at the suggestion of his Psychologist to get him more socialized and to see how well he would do. Camp was rough to say the least. More than anything he needs a truly structured environment and this was not it. He had a very rough summer, and his self-esteem went way down. 

July – Ron hosted his 20th Annual July 4th Weekend BBQ! We had a great time amongst many friends. It was wonderful

My computer goes kaah-plooey. I was without a computer for a few weeks but it felt like much longer. In the end I was lucky enough to have a very good friend who was willing to perform some surgery to retrieve my data which was lost and put it on a new hard drive. (YAY Laurel!!!) 

August – I don’t recall anything memorable or even noteworthy other than the computer going Kaah-plooey for the 3rd time where we had to replace the power source. (3rd time because the first was 2 years prior when we had to replace the CD rom tray and DVD rom tray)

September– Leon begins 1st grade!! How exciting or at least it should have been. He did not want to go. I remember him telling me that he wanted to go back to Kindergarten or not go at all! He was going to miss Mrs Colletta, and snack, and circle time, and centers, and everything. I met with his new teacher the day before school started to fill her in on Leon’s ADHD. I brought her a bunch of information about the disorder and I wrote up a document about what works best with Leon to keep him on track. His first six weeks in 1st grade were brutal for him and Ron and I. There were several notes back and for regarding his behavior, refusal to listen, do what he was told, ripping up tests and assignments, refusal to copy his assignments down, calling out, wandering around class, staying in his seat, feelings of inadequacies, etc, etc, …you get the idea. As his mother I felt helpless to see him hurting so badly and not be able to really make it go away. There were plenty of tears, his and mine.

October– After MUCH discussion and back and forth, Ron and I agreed to put Leon on medication. It was a tough decision for both of us. In the beginning we were both against it, especially with Leon being so young. He wasn’t even 6 yet. I eventually came to the conclusion that medication would help him tremendously. He was having self – esteem issues, social skills issues, it effected his ability to perform in school and it created tension at home. Ron on the other hand was dead set against the meds. Which of course contributed to the tension at home. Finally after having seperate meetings with the Social Worker, Psychologist, Teacher, Principle and Pediatrician, Ron came around. He realized that we weren’t looking for meds to be the end all, be all answer for Leon. Meds are not a cure and they can’t make ADHD go away. They do however give Leon a better quality of life in that he now can slow down and start learning the coping mechanisms to dealing with his ADHD. At five years old he should have to conquer all his problems on his own or without any help. That 3rd week in October that he started his medication was extremely memorable. We saw immediate results, everyone did, including Leon himself. He was happier about it too. And while I knew then and still know know that it certainly isn’t the complete answer, it sure was a relief to see we were headed in the right direction.

Computer crash #4 – My external hard drive, that incidentally had ALL my documents and PHOTOS on it, went …you guessed it Kah-plooey!  I lost EVERYTHING! ….and have been crying about it since. Yes, yes I know it is my own damn fault for not backing anything up since 2003! This has been a very painful lesson!!!  I would say that second to Leon being diagnosed with ADHD this is the worst thing that happened in 2008.

October – was a blur. Busy with PTA committees, Disney planning, Halloween, and birthday party planning, October went by very quickly.

November– a month full of family birthdays including Leon’s sixth which was spent in Disney World. The highlight was of course our 10 day surprise trip to Disney. I say it was a surprise trip because although Leon knew we had been planning a trip to Disney, he was under the impression that we would be there in December. Which in fact was true, what he did not know was that we would be leaving on Thanksgiving Day and that he would be in the heart of Disney on his actual birthday. Seeing Disney through his eyes was like going for the first time all over again. I would never trade these moments for anything in the world. This trip to Disney was definitely the most memorable moment of this year and one of my most favorite memories in my life.

December –  continues with our memorable Disney moments, as the whole first week was spent there. I do plan to go into much more detail about this trip with a TR (Trip Report) in the near future when my own personal computer is fully functional again and I can edit and upload photos from our trip.

The 5th computer crash occurs just short of Christmas with what we thought could be fixed by replacing the video card. Sorry to say that was not the case.

Christmas was a little more hectic than usual this year (and let’s just be clear here, Christmas isn’t just one day, it’s a whole season that starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends New Year’ Eve).  I missed participating in my favorite sporting event “Black Friday Kamikaze Marathon Shopping” to partake in something even better – celebrating the season with my family for 10 whole days in DISNEY WORLD!!!,  which left me about  3 weeks to shop, get a tree, shop, put up Christmas lights, shop,  decorate the house, shop, plan a meal for 16, shop, wrap presents, shop, celebrate with our whole family at our home on Christmas Eve, unwrap presents, clean up the mess, do it again on Christmas Day at my in-laws, play with new toys and goodies, eat left overs, make exchanges and returns, clean up the mess, celebrate the New Year, make a mess, sleep in, clean up the mess, take down the Christmas lights, take down the decorations, take down the tree, whew… and then get back to normal every day ordinary life.  So yeah, it was a bit more hectic than usual 

…so yeah, that was my 2008.


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