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Gettin’ my Creative Juices Flowin’

I have often heard;

“you are so talented, you should start a business”.

That would be WONDERFUL, I’d love to do that.

The question is; how? I have no business sense and the coin purse is empty. And you know the old adage; it takes money to make money.

And then, there is the lack of confidence in my talents

It’s not that I do not believe that I have any talent, it’s just that I feel there are people out there that are so much more talented than myself.

It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the creative process though. And sometimes I even impress myself with the outcome 🙂

My creative talents have included:

Drawing – it’s been a while, I did a lot of drawing as a child and in my teens. I have only recently taken it up again. I even tried some creative drawing on the computer to make some matching t-shirts for our trip to Disney;

Trip Planning – YES I definitely consider trip planning a creative talent!! And I do it well, especially when traveling with a highly sensory child with ADHD/ODD. Accommodations for travel require quite a bit of creativity. Like the badge I made for him to wear that clearly outlined the rules with a visual prompt.

Badge that "MICKEY" sent to Leon

Event Planning – like my DIY wedding where I made everything from the centerpieces to the floral arch to the ring box to the 150 hand-painted Champaign glasses I made to give as wedding favors to each of my guests.

The wedding arch

Close up

One of my centerpieces and a set of hand-painted champaign glass favors

Enough people told me that I should go into business selling my Glass Painting that I decided to give it a try.  I successfully sold a few pieces but in the end I wasn’t making enough money to cover the time, effort, and money it took to not only paint each piece , but then to pack everything up and transport them to a little craft fair, where I paid $60 for a table, only to sell a couple of pieces that maybe made me $40, and then have to pack it all back up and bring it back home. It just didn’t pay.

I also have helped to plan a few showers, my sister’s wedding, and quite a few themed birthday parties for kids. I love doing it. Especially the themey stuff

I was very proud of the School Bus cake I made on Leon's 1st Day of School

Leon’s 2nd Thomas Birthday Party  – he didn’t know how much I put into this party but I had fun doing it

I made one cake for the adults and little individual ones for each child

Leon’s 5th Pirate Birthday Party – yes my spoiled little child had 3 parties and 3 cakes

I hand-painted this shark to use as a game, it was fun as a photo prop too!

Leon’s 8th Lego Birthday Party;- this was a really fun party!

Lego Mini Marshmellow heads - real easy to make

Kiera’s 1st Ladybug Birthday

Ladybug Themed tutu I made for Kiera's 1st birthday

If I knew how, I would love to make money as an event planner.

Photography  – …is another talent I have. More specifically I have an eye for. Ron, often tells people that I am a photographer, and it bugs me, because I am SO NOT a photographer. I WISH I was, but at best I am a photo enthusiast. The difference being that although I thoroughly enjoy photography, and have an eye for capturing great shots; I pretty much have no education in photography at all.

I can really relate to the guy in this Panasonic Lumix commercial:

..see it’s not me,  it’s my camera! (which btw is a Canon)

…plus some creative digital photo editing too.

Basically I am just winging it.

When Leon was born, my love for photography grew, and my need to share it grew too. I started showcasing my photos on my smugmug website for all my friends and family to see.

First time using a spoon

(btw -gardening is NOT one of my talents)

As a result I was asked by two different sets of friends to photograph their weddings. Of course I said yes, it was an honor to be asked. I never expected to be paid, but when one of the couples thanked me with $1000.oo check , it gave me the confidence to try to make some money doing what I loved.

I got a few jobs and made some money, but most of my jobs were for friends and I had a hard time charging them, so that didn’t last too long. I also  needed better equipment in order for my photography to live up to my own standards.

In general I don’t know that I am so much talented as I am creative and crafty

And recently I have been inspired to try a new craft;

I was honored when my sister -in-law asked me if I could make a few things for her wedding. She pointed me in the direction of Etsy.com where she had seen a few things she had really liked. I was already familiar with Etsy, but I had never really perused the wedding category. One of the things she had pointed out to me, started to get my creative juices flowin again. It was something that I have tried my hand at before, but I didn’t really feel that there was a big demand for it. But with the trend of weddings being a bit more green, the rustic look of woodburning seems to have become a bit more popular.

Woodburning – is now a talent I am trying to cultivate. And I am really enjoying it. And who knows maybe I can even sell a few pieces on Etsy….

This is just a practice piece - but it gives you an idea of what I am going for

Besides what else is there for this SAHM to do?…uh, besides taking care of an ADHD child, managing my Fibro, keeping track of $800/month medicines, PTA volunteering, School Newspaper editor and author, caring for my 3 year old niece, plan playdates, etc.., etc…, etc…                            …oh yeah and maintain this blog.


Has it been a year???

Yup, and so much has happened. I haven’t kept up with this blog as well as I would have liked – You know, the whole “Life, getting in the way of life” thing…

As previously posted I plan to improve on that!  I feel as if I’ve left some ends dangling…

One of which has been Leon’s story. I’ve gone on and on about it, good and bad, but mostly bad.

So I wanted to make the time to talk about the wonderful progress we have made.

Here goes:

I am so very, very PROUD of my little man!!! He has been doing so much better!

Better in school, at home, and with his friends. Better in life!

I was so apprehensive about the new school year, but so far 2nd grade has been a breeze. And as much as I give credit to the new meds, that alone is not what has made the difference.

Not only did Leon made Santa’s List –


 …but the principal’s too!!!!!

Here is a little background:

After having such a rough year in 1st grade, least not of which was a 6-year-old Leon leaving the school during recess undetected and walking all the way home by himself, the school quickly realized it would be in their best interest (and Leon’s of course) to re-evaluate their position. Afterall they denied him the 504 plan and refused to classify him the first time around (Oct 2008). After a long summer of waiting to find out what the school would be doing to assure his success this year (and hopefully for the years to come), I received the call the day before we were to leave on our 2 week vacation to Disney, a meeting was finalized for the day after we planned to be back. I spent much of my vacation on the phone with Dr. E. Petrosky and a Special Education attorney by the name of Brad Rosken because something that the director of the CSE said just did not sit well with me. When I had inquired about a parent member being at the meeting, she told me that, it was unnecessary as they would not be classifying him, and that this was to be his 504 meeting.


I was very disturbed by this, after all not only did our doctor, Dr. Petrosky, recommend that he be classified but so did the Psychiatrist that they had sent Leon to, to be evaluated by. Dr. Petrosky is the one who contacted the attorney on our behalf because he felt that the school and CSE were not following due process. First of all the decision on what will be done with Leon is to be made by the entire CSE team, and as his parents, we are part of that team, so the decision to classify him or not, can NOT be made prior to the actual CSE meeting of which we must be a part of. Secondly they were calling for a 504 meeting when what we had requested was a CSE meeting. I was so worried that they were going to screw us and that we would have to borrow money to hire the attorney. Initially I wanted to reschedule the meeting so we could bone up for the fight I was expecting, but in the end the attorney suggested that we go to the meeting and just hear them out. If they were going to give Leon everything we wanted for him as recommended by the doctors who evaluated him, under a 504 plan than there would be no sense in rocking the boat, but if they were going to deny certain essential services then we should ask for an impartial hearing. We decided to follow his advice, and boy were we pleasantly surprised! Leon got so many of the recommended services that we have nothing to complain about. The only thing that I am still confused about to this day, is that with all the services that he was given, why then isn’t he classified? I mean anyone who knows anything about this and has read the final decision has said that it is written up exactly like an IEP yet because he isn’t classified it isn’t and can’t be an IEP. Friends who work with special needs kids have all said that I need to question why he isn’t classified, given all the services that he was given, but I am at the point where I just don’t want to rock the boat. He is getting exactly what he needs and that’s what’s important. I just hope he will continue to get what he needs…

As per his 504 Plan he has a BIP (Behavioral Intervention Plan) in place, a TA to accompany him to his ‘specials’ (ie gym, music, art, lunch, recess) and to help him stay on track in the classroom, he sees an OT once a week, and gets weekly counseling with the school psychologist, and in 2010 he starts social skills group every other week. He is in an inclusion class, which is wonderful because there are always at least two teachers in the classroom at a time, which is great for keeping Leon redirected when necessary. My most favorite thing about his whole school situation this year is not a thing but a person. Ms. Kelly, his teacher happens to have been a school psychologist, prior to becoming a teacher. Her love of the classroom prompted the unusual career change, and I gotta say I am so thankful for that. She is a wonderful teacher. She gets Leon, and she doesn’t fall for any of his shenanigans. She can see 10 steps ahead and cut him off at the pass. Because of this, life in 2nd grade is grand. I barely hear a peep from the school unless it’s about another PTA committee that I could not just say no to.

As for the meds he is currently on, Leon has been taking Concerta and Clonodine since Aug ’09 and they seem to work very well in helping him to control his ADHD. He puts more thought into things before doing them and he has mellowed out and isn’t bouncing off the walls every moment of the day, he is a new and improved Leon on them. But I do worry about the side effects. I really have to watch what he eats, or better said, I have to make sure that he does eat, he’s a stringbean to begin with, so the loss of appetite thing is a bit worrisome.  I used to have the opposite problem of him having a bottomless pit for a stomach, and hearing “Mooom, I’m hungry!” every five minutes. But now getting him to eat is a task and a half.  Then there are the mood swings. He can go from 0 to 60 (and back) in a matter of seconds. The side effects aside I am very, very, happy with his medicine regime. It has made a HUGE difference in his life (and mine too).

Between the meds and all of the accommodations in school and at home, the difference to his life knows no bounds.

In school, he does so well behaviorally, that Ms. Kelly and Mrs. Novick, the school psychologist, were hard pressed to find many behavioral issues from this 2009-2010 school year to base the BIP on. They based it mostly on the issues of the last school year. I give a lot of the credit to all the accommodations and services that are in place for him in school. Having such an intuitive teacher and a bunch of TA’s following him around certainly reminds him enough to stay on his toes. At our parent-teacher meeting in early December, Ms. Kelly let us know that academically he was doing fine. The only real issues were related to her being unable to read his writing and some of his test scores reflect that. Normally he gets over 100% including the bonus question, but the lowest grade he’s gotten so far was 60% in spelling because it was complete scribble. The answers were correct mind you, but it just was not legible. Other mistakes occur too, resulting in some lower grades in the 80’s and 90’s, as a result of his not taking the time to listen to the directions prior to starting the work, or his rushing through the work (often out of boredom and/or a fear of not being able to do it correctly – in other words, it’s too easy, so forget it and let’s just get it over with -or- it’s too hard, so forget it and let’s just get it over with). He ends up making very careless yet avoidable mistakes. Leon is still Leon afterall, he’s still always in a rush to get to the next thing, he’s just gotten a lot better at handling that -but improvement is still necessary.  As someone who did very poorly in school and was just happy to get a barely passing grade, I am very pleased with Leon’s grades. Even the 60 on his spelling test; I think it serves as a good lesson for Leon.

His report card, which was AMAZING, reflected all of this. The difference between last year’s report cards and this year’s is more than remarkable. It’s like he’s a different kid. He received mostly 4’s (meeting learning standards with distinction) and 3’s (meeting learning standards) with only a few 2’s (partially meeting learning standards) in only two areas. Whereas last year there were 2’s all over the his report card in several areas. The two area’s that he needs improvement in, are; “English Language Arts-Writing” where he received a 2 for ‘Writes legibly’ which he is working on in OT, and “Development of Learner Behaviors that Support Academic Progress” where his 2’s where for; Accepts suggestions for improvement, Follows directions, Organizes work space and materials, Demonstrates pride in the quality of work, and Approaches learning experiences prepared with necessary materials. Even the less structured areas like Art, Music, and Gym produced all 3’s and 4’s which was unheard of last year. I am more than pleased with Leon’s report card and all of his wonderful progress.

Behaviorally Ms. Kelly said that “While Leon still has his moments where his emotions get the better of him, for the most part he really is no problem at all, he is such a good kid that she wishes she had 10 of him in her classroom”.  

Ummmm? TEN Leons??? Really??? Are you sure you are talking about my kid????.

I’m kidding of course, but there was a time when that comment would have really shocked me. Now… not so much! He has grown into such an easy, pleasant child to be around. And by that, I mean not a “difficult child” to be around. He has grown and matured so much. Don’t get me wrong, he still has his moments. Boy! Does he ever, it’s like I said, Leon is still Leon, but now those moments come fewer and farther between. 

At home, life although still quite hectic and very chaotic, is more at peace now, if that makes any sense at all. He still gets very “emotional” about things, he still has yet to identify his emotions and learn to react to them appropriately. He still has his melt downs, and they do get quite explosive (perhaps even more so than before) possibly because of his meds, and possibly because like I said those moments come fewer and farther between, so when they come, they are BIG. Still, we are managing better.

So many things deserve credit for the changes we’ve seen . The meds help, of course; the absence of “reports of bad behavior” and the presence of constant “recognition for terrific behavior” from the school helps; the services and accommodations put in place under the 504 Plan at school help; the increased pride and new confidence in himself helps; and among so many other things that are intertwined and connected with it all; love being at the very tippy top of it; understanding helps.

Ours, his, and theirs. We; Ron and I, are doing so much better at handling the slip-ups, the outbursts, the emotional break downs, and the everyday-everything of it all (both Leon’s and our’s) because we understand so much more now. We make accommodations for him, for his ADHD. We run the house differently, we prep for “the next thing” differently, we talk to him and each other differently, we focus more on the positive and dwell less on the negative now, all because we better understand the nature of Leon, and his, …and this is important, HIS individual ADHD/ODD, differently. I stress individual because no two people with ADHD are exactly the same. similar yes, the same no. Leon, himself also understands. I feel Leon has such a better handle on himself this year as compared to last year because of his own understanding of ADHD, as much as a newly turned 7-year-old can understand it, that is. And because he understands that while he can’t control that he has ADHD/ODD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Oppositional Defiance Disorder) he CAN control how he deals with it, things are that much better.

Leon has learned to put more thought into what he does now before he does it. He has learned to stop himself a bit better before his impulses take control. For the most part anyway, we do still have some of the “what were you thinking?” moments of the old days. But even that gets handled differently now because we are more understanding and accommodating.

Like when I discovered several wads of gum stuffed between the cushions of our couch and loveseats just a couple of weeks ago. Granted, the “what were you thinking?” award really goes to my mom who bought Leon a huge tower of gum balls in varying sizes (the large ones being the size of Leon’s fist) in the first place. But Leon got the runner-up reward, for sneaking them, then hiding them in between the cushions, and then lying about them when presented with the evidence.


I am not a huge fan of gum, but I do know that gum can actually be good for you – as it can help in the increase of concentration, and help prevent cavities, provided it is the RIGHT type of gum (specifically, sugarless gum). I knew that when he opened them as a birthday gift that there would be trouble. My instinct to take them away and hide them was right, buuut it was a gift from my mom for his birthday and it would not be right to keep it from him.

(Although I have to say ‘blatant disrespect of my wishes and rules for my child’ isn’t right either!) – sorry had to rant.

Rather than keep them from him, we came to an understanding, Leon asked me to trust him, and I agreed, so long as he followed the rules, (the same rules I have always had), which are; You must ask and have permission before you have one, you must wrap it in paper when you are done, and you must show mom that you are throwing it out properly. Yes, yes, I know, some what redundant and annoyingly controlling however, this is what I mean by accommodations. In the end when all was said and done, and Leon fessed up to it, things were calm and rational and fair. We didn’t yell and scream, although I was/am pretty upset about it. We discussed it and dealt him the punishment calmly. Leon didn’t cry or have a fit over it, (okay there were tears but he was trying to hold them back)he knew there were consequences and accepted them. I was actually quite pleased with how well everything went down. And all because we are understanding more and more each day about ourselves, each other, and his ADHD.

Socially, Leon is doing so much better as well. He has developed more meaningful relationships over the past year. He interacts with them so much better than he used to. His understanding of give and take has become more refined. And he gets more involved with the person rather than just the activity. He has a ‘best friend’ named Jason, who he gets along very well with. Personally I LOVE them together. For one thing, Jason is always a pleasure to have around, he is polite and kind, and always on his best behavior, and this rubs off on Leon. They both enjoy the same things; Disney, Star Wars, Lego’s, Stitch, Pokemon, and of course video games. They play very well together and don’t rile each other up too much, if at all. But the thing I personally enjoy the most about this pairing is Jason’s mother. She is a wonderfully caring person. We parent very similarly, she’s a great mom and a very good friend. Definitely a plus in my book. The behavioral specialist who observes Leon in class twice a month, tells me that he plays very well with him and another boy in particular at recess. I am glad that he does not focus all his attention on just one friend, else he might get hurt. As with any friendship there will be ups and downs. Just a few weeks ago Leon was upset because Jason did not like him anymore (he said that Leon was too annoying, and that he talked too much). I can’t blame the kid, it’s true! After a talking about it with him, I realized Leon was taking it so much better than he would have last year. His solution was “that’s okay, cause Nick still likes me, maybe Jason just needs a break from me”. And, based on the playdate they just had I would say he was right.

My biggest regret for Leon socially, is that I can’t get him and his friends together more often. He craves the company of other kids his age so badly and between my issues with my fibromyalgia and my working from home it makes things more difficult to provide him with that on a regular basis. Being an only child certainly does not help either. At least having a sibling around would alleviate some of the boredom and loneliness. Kiera my niece, who is here 5 days a week does help a bit, but there is a 5 year age difference between them, so it isn’t the same.

We are very lucky to have a few neighbors with children ranging in ages from 6 to 12 all around us. Luckier still that I have been able to become good friends with them. Leon plays a lot with Jackie and her sister in particular. Not only is she our neighbor but she is also in Leon’s class. I do have to admit that their friendship while not forced, has more to do with convenience of proximity and the fact that her mother and I have developed a very close friendship that extends beyond our kids. It makes me laugh because Leon has clarified that even though he plays with her a lot she isn’t his best friend because she is a girl. 

So beyond the “normal” social awkwardness of childhood friendships, Leon seems to be doing a lot better socially than he did a year ago when he so wanted to be friends with anyone and everyone just to be around other kids, but other kids could care less if he was there or not. I consider it a very marked improvement, when other children are actually asking him for playdates as well.

So there you have it. When it comes to Leon, Life is Good!!

I am excited and hopeful for his future… but a bit nervous too.

…with the Section 504 Committee scheduled to meet next week to review Leon’s educational services, I can’t help but be a little bit nervous. I worry that they may take it all away (or even just some of it) because he has done so well, rather than recognize that keeping the services in place is the key to keeping things going well.

ADHD/ODD is a lifelong neurological disability, full of unexpected highs and lows. I will always do everything in my power to make sure Leon has only a few bumps in the road on his journey though life.

Here is to keeping the highs, high and the lows to a minimum!!!

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